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Bi~Annual Zero Waste Community Gathering is on (around summer solstice June 15th ~ winter solstice December 15th) with Nepalese home-cooked ethnic vegan food, live music from our amazing generous local artists, wizard tarot, healing massage & henna art with beautiful like minded conscious community coming together to connect with new and reconnect with the old for a day full of magical time with great food and beautiful music to celebrate love, life, friendship. I love cooking an what better way to offer to mass other than having it at my store @Kathmandu Boutique.  It's been almost 9 years for hosting the gathering and we have build an amazing community, friendship and love for each other, it is a place to be for fun times and taste a unique authentic dish form Nepal.  I used to supply paper plates but seeing how much waste we produced I decided to ask everyone to bring their own REUSABLS (PLATES, UTENSILS, COFFEE MUGS, CUPS, & NAPKINS) since then I have thrown one bag of trash instead of 12 to 15 bags of trash.  It's a community effort that makes it all possible.  

Suggested donations of $10 and more is gratefully accepted which will go to Selp-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy, Nepal, which I co-founded in1987 which there was no clinic, hospital, or help for cerebral palsy children.  During our research we found that many of these children were either hidden or left inside the house all times because there were social stigma, parents were either cursed because they were bad, or they were looked down for having a handicapped child. Our main focus were to get a necessary help for the children and educate the parents and the community, now I am so proud to say that we have achieved that goal and treated over 3000 children and educated the society and family.  Now the center is thriving with the help of many donors from around the world and giving the children necessary vocational training, speech therapy, physical therapy, physical education, painters, builders, crafters etc. Thank you all. 


SGCP - Self-help  Group for Cerebral Palsy

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