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About KB


 Thank you for visiting Kathmandu Boutique online store! I am excited to bring beautiful, one of a kind, faire trade, handmade, women's cottage industry, trendy, colorful, gorgeous merchandise from Nepal, Tibet, India and other Asian countries that I handpick almost all that we sell in our store.

 I am grateful for the ways Kathmandu Boutique has grown and established as a community hub for the past 15 years in Santa Monica, California. I am inspired to create this business after trying to find beautiful, yet affordable ethnic gifts in stores throughout Los Angeles with no success. also I wanted to bring beautiful handmade colorful clothings, handcrafted items, statues, spiritual, cultural merchandise to offer in a bigger scale in California. After realizing that there was no other stores, my focus was also for customers service, and making it an shopping experience instead of just a shop and go store, because personal reasons and lack of resources, first I had to start selling at festivals, street fairs, and at farmer’s markets because it was cheaper to rent spaces than the physical space, it was one of the most fun, exciting and very hard work that I have ever done, but it gave me an opportunity to find more beautiful merchandise from my loyal customers who wanted more items from my part of the countries, also I went and brought more unique items slowly grew my business, saved some money and I was able to open a physical store in Santa Monica, in the beginning lots of people did not like the location of our store because since it was away from all the main shopping center or shopping malls, standing alone in the streets of Lincoln Blvd a busiest Pacific Hwy 1, was not an ideal one, but with the patients, connecting with the yoga, spiritual, local artists, community members by hosting a ZERO waste community gathering by cooking our yummy vegan Nepalese Ethnic Food, with beautiful local musicians, and henna artist, tarot readers, healing massage creating a mini festival atmosphere was a huge success, we have had over couple of hundreds of local artists entertain over 100 to 200 community members at one gathering.  I’m fortunate to have a great loyal customers from all over the world, they are not just a customers but we have build a bond as a friends, soul sisters, soul brothers who love to shop at the store when they are in town.  My store is running thru the word of mouth, thru recommendations to their friends, family members, neighbors, and people in the streets when they ask where they got what they are wearing. You all inspired me to build an online store to offer the same quality products and amazing customer service. Stay tuned for our new website soon.


  I am eternally grateful for all the support and love I have been getting all these years specially this year during COVID19, while we were closed for 3 1/2 month all the community members near or far have reached out and supported by purchasing via https://www.facebook.com/kathmanduboutique ~ via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kathmandu_boutique/ ~ Nextdoor ~ Eamils and personal phone calls, everyone kept me busy and kept us alive during the closure, lots of well wishers also purchased our gift card via phone or online, here is the attached gift card that you can buy here and come to the store or use it online when you are ready to shop.  https://squareup.com/gift/2DS0T8DCW8M1V/order I am eternally grateful and thank you all from the bottom of my heart to all the support & love that we are getting while we are partially open our physical store and by going to our online store, unfortunately I don't have all the new merchandise online since I get new ones all the time and it is too expensive and too much work it takes to put it here, but I am doing my best that I am building a new website my dear very talented musician friend who have played many community gatherings is building my brand new website to help me add all the new merchandise, I am beyond blessed, This is a truly a community store in the whole LA area. 


Enjoy browsing our site and discovering the many magical and unique products we offer from Nepal, India, Tibet and other mystical places! We look forward to further building our global community and if you find yourself in Santa Monica please stop by for some Nepalese tea and see our store in person!


Namaste and dhanyabaad (thank you)
Reena Gauchan


Please check back often as we continually add new products to our website!